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Family History Books

Are you researching your family history? Want to create a special book for a family celebration? Is there a book in you about a special hobby or interest?

Introducing Filament Family Milestones - Books to celebrate life.  Everyone has a story to tell. Many people have been a part of great historic events and challenging times. Some have witnessed pivotal moments in history. Others have gained great insights into academic subjects, hobbies, professions or organisations and there comes a time when that knowledge needs to be captured in a way that can be passed down, and not lost.


Charting the lives of a family through life and over the years can make for fascinating reading, but getting from manuscript into print can present problems even for experienced authors! Filament Family Publishing was created with this in mind.


Family Books are never going to be bestsellers or even ever end up in a bookshop, but that doesn't detract from their value. Wouldn't you really appreciate being able to read the words of long lost relatives and learn about their lives and experiences? Now you can give that opportunity to future generations of your family.


All of our Family Books can be created in a number of ways. They can be printed as perfect bound paperback books, just like the ones you see in the bookshops. They have a full colour glossy cover and make a wonderful gift at Christmas or on special occasions and celebrations. We use exactly the same process for family books as we would for all the other mainstream titles we produce. Alternatively, they can be bound in an attractive full page size leatherette folder and include cuttings and photo montages. We have options to suit every